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Power Standards – Focusing On Success

In our school’s professional development we are exploring standards-based grading. Currently our topic of conversation is power standards. One of the best “ahas” for me came from my collaboration group when they put together what we’re doing now and how it can fit in to the power standards concept.

We have some standards that are in classes by year, some by gradespan. There are some standards that are vital for students to be proficient at this year because they need that standard to be successful in the next class or after graduation. There are other standards that need to be addressed but proficiency doesn’t need to be displayed because students will continue to see those standards in another class later.

This blog by Elena Aguilar describes one approach to increasing student achievement through power standards. She encourages teachers to focus their work, pick their standards, create quality assessments, and watch the students soar. Sit down with a hot cup of joe and enjoy How to Focus Lessons and Learning Goals | Edutopia.