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Strong email communication skills are vital

@alanfeirer had a great blog post this week about leadership and working with others.¬†http://ow.ly/rFkhP¬†Alan’s blog for his company, Group Dynamic, has many great insights and posts on leadership – check it out!

My post today focuses on thinking before crafting questions or requests. I realized yesterday that a request I made gave no indication of my true intent. I only made a request instead of laying out the idea I had to help in a rough situation for a student. I came off as only concerned about my subject and a specific instead of contributing to resolution of the student situation.

I learn a new lesson almost daily about electronic communication and how vital it is to think through all the factors before sending emails. Another email that I sent yesterday that explained my confusion about a question resulted in a quick, effective resolution through a short conversation this morning. I am hopeful that I can work to resolve the other situation, we’ll have to see how that goes.