The end is only the beginning…

The end of the 2015-2016 school year is near. It is time for reflection and to look ahead. The high school met all of the district goals for the year, and we should be very proud of that accomplishment. At the same time, we raise the standard for next year and look to how we can continue to increase student achievement.

Our district goals for 2016-2017 include raising student achievement in reading and math on standardized tests, incorporating community service projects, and increasing participation in athletics and activities grades six through twelve. At the high school, first we look to data from this year’s Iowa Assessments and MAP tests to see where instruction could be adapted. Next, each of our seminar groups will develop a community service project to enact during the year. Finally, we will work on staff and student recruitment efforts to help every student be involved in at least one activity, club or sport during the 2016-2017 school year.

I’ll be looking to student handbook revisions, finishing my initial administrative portfolio, updating staff documents, and a lot of reading over the summer. I’m also starting my superintendent degree program in June, so there will be much more reading and study as the work of 2015-2016 comes to a close.

I hope everyone has a wonderful summer filled with many activities, time with family and friends, a good book every so often, and time to recharge so that we can continue to make every day a great day to be a Timberwolf in 2016-2017! GO TIMBERWOLVES!!!


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