Instant Human, Just Add Coffee

Week one in the books


Before August 19th, I was a zombie. Staring at my computer screen for eight hours a day was about to make me climb the walls! I thought to myself, “I can’t wait until the teachers get here and the building becomes active again.” Teachers arrived August 19th, and my mantra became a play on the old deodorant slogan, “Never let ’em see you vomit.”

Students arrived August 24th. The building was bustling with activity as the kids met with their friends and discovered their way to the assembly with the new principal. They listened intently. Well, they sat quietly at least. We went through the handbook, lunch schedule, met the staff, and laid down the expectation for the year, “don’t forget to be awesome!”

Now that the schedules have been adjusted, and who goes to lunch when has been changed around a dozen times, we can get down to the business of education. Not that it hasn’t been happening already, with teachers checking for understanding and questioning from the first class period of class rules and expectations.

In my visits around the classrooms, I see exciting projects, informative lectures, and engagement throughout the curriculum. Our building lead team gathers this morning to start talking about teacher learning for the year in professional development. The great start we have had this year will only be intensified and magnified through new ideas and approaches to increase student achievement.

The house is rockin’, but I encourage you to come on in and see the great things that are happening at Southwest Valley High School. This is going to be an awesome year!