Setting goals – a return to the blogosphere

I haven’t written for a while, and with a new year and new position approaching I thought I should get started by setting goals. I will be a principal this fall for Southwest Valley High School in Corning, Iowa. This will be my first principal position following seventeen years of teaching instrumental music. I attended my first board meetings this week. Between the two school boards of whole-grade sharing Villisca and Corning, my second meeting did just that: set goals. So I am inspired to begin writing.

One of my band director colleagues, Pat Kearney (click his name to read his blog, it’s really good) has written extensively over the spring and early summer. Alan Feirer (another great mind and voice on leadership – click his name too!) has also inspired my work over the past four years. Others have as well, and I constantly see people on Twitter posting their latest musings. I have been a very reflective teacher the past few years, working to put everything I do under the microscope for evaluation and reassessment. I will definitely be looking to document, reflect, solicit advice, and hopefully improve my leadership skills through this process.

There will be many topics to cover: school funding, integrating technology, making sure grades are reflective of real learning, building relationships with adults and students, leadership and creating leaders, producing lifelong learners; the list is endless. Each week it will be difficult to pick just one thing to write about. I know I’m looking forward to the journey. I’m excited to grow, learn, build relationships, and help lead our school into prosperity.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!


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