How communication can get better

I read an article earlier this month about improving communication. Not just saturating the environment with more information, but providing methods of feedback to stakeholders.

I think about this as I read fellow teachers post about communicating with students, staff, administration, parents, community….am I asking the right questions to have two-way lines of communication with stakeholders? I have always said that I can work on communication skills, but my focus has always been on providing as much detail in as many forms possible. I really haven’t ever worked on creating avenues for parents to give information back to me.

Just this morning, I have sent a text message and email to two different sets of parents. As generally is the case, they respond to direct, personal messages. Our district is changing to standards-based education this year, and the information provided to parents will be much different than before. My band parents will know exactly what parts of playing in band their child is successful in and needs to work more on.

My new communication goal is to open up channels for stakeholders to provide feedback. I have put quite a bit of information out there; now it’s time to give folks a chance to respond.


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