Two weeks in; am I ready yet?

I haven’t written on my blog for a long time now, and it’s way past time to start reflecting again. Two weeks into my 17th year, I feel much more confident than I did my first year; I’m also (thankfully) just as nervous and excited as I was then. Am I prepared? Do I have all the instruments and music ready? Are my new rubrics going to be effective? Will we be ready to perform at homecoming next week (ALREADY!!!)?

As all the glitches and kinks get worked out, this is no different than any other year. Students show up on the first day ready to learn and discover new things. I am excited to share my love of music with the kids and help them discover their own joy in playing instruments. Some students didn’t have their instruments the first day. I had forgotten to make an extra copy of the music or pass out the right equipment. I just found the last pair of cymbals for the high school drumline, right where they were all along.

Supplies are coming in, the students have their instruments, and we are already moving through the year like Clark Griswold on his sledding saucer. The first couple of weeks always feel like holding on for dear life, but now I can slow down, thoughtfully prepare, and be ready to meet the students’ needs each day. Today feels good. I’m never ready until it’s time to go; that’s why the first game is still a week away and the first concert is 6 weeks away. I’m ready at game time; until then, we work hard, dig out the notes, fix the broken drumhead, and continue learning. I’m sure at some point I’ll need a little of Clark’s special grease, but until then, here’s the next lesson.

Have a great year!


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