What I want for Christmas

Today’s #sunchat with @mssackstein and @barbarawmadden focused on wish lists for teachers. It was a great conversation with educators across the Twitterverse about what teachers and students need to be successful. I think @Principal_El made a great point:

@Principal_EL: Following #sunchat today and learning that we can’t continue to admire the problems in education! We need to find solutions/be innovative!

While I agree that we have to continue to innovate, I also think of the old adage about blood and turnips. I wish that schools had the resources they needed to provide for all students and teachers without having to make difficult choices. We, as a body of teachers, parents, and administrators need to continue to press state government to provide for ALL students, not just some.

In the meantime, here are my wishes for my students and me in my school:

– I wish that students didn’t have to worry about how to get to school, and that more students and parents would work together to support each other.

– I wish that all school programs had equitable access to technology instead of access based on arbitrary ranking. If it’s offered in the curriculum, it deserves access instead of excuses.

– I wish I had a command center in the front of my room. This would include a mounted projector, mount for iPad or laptop, sound system, document projector, and an office chair. This one is pretty selfish on my part.

– I wish more folks had @jimmycasas’s outlook on life. I would like to think I’m getting there, but for some it’s a journey to a belief and not a natural way of being. Check out his blog from today.

I told my kids the other day that after a kinda crappy day, they were a great way to end the day. Listening to them play, work hard, and just have a great time in class with them. I wish that everyone could have the experience I have with my kids in their classroom. It truly is a joy to teach and be with the leaders of tomorrow!


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