Gamification newest version of intrinsic/extrinsic motivation

I read an article today that talked about the psychology of gamification in the classroom. Read it here: as a band director, I’m used to providing stars for completed assignments, varsity letter points for extracurricular participation, and other extrinsic rewards. I also work the intrinsic pride of accomplishment angle with students.

I work in a 1:1 laptop school; all of my band students in grades 7-12 have @SmartMusic. The article talks about all the benefits of gamification and how it provides the intrinsic and extrinsic motivation students need to do their best on class work. The other night in the grocery store checkout line, a current parent of a band student and alumni of the program was telling me about pizza parties for learning scales. I think this would be a great idea to build on with SmartMusic and required assignments for a quarter.

I believe I could divide the band into sections and use SmartMusic results to determine the strongest group each month. Any groups tied would receive the party with no tiebreakers. This would also motivate me to update grades more regularly so I could provide weekly updates on group progress.

I think there are a great deal of elements from the above article in what we’re already doing; I just need to tie them together with a little friendly competition in the name of higher achievement and an increased level of performance from the entire class.


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