19 years of relationships

The past 19 years have gotten me through becoming a teacher, discovering myself as a teacher, and learning how to best serve as a teacher. Along the way, I’ve had many relationships that either come and go or remain strong. Relationships are the key to success in education, and I believe they are the reason why I continue to teach and look to grow as an educator.

@ToddWhitaker said during #iaedchat, “You have to build relationships before you need relationships.” That couldn’t have been more true today, when I forgot to communicate with the PE teacher about needing the gym for concert practice this afternoon. I totally forgot about it. After 15 years of concerts in shared spaces, you would think it would be a natural part of the preparation process.

I was extremely nervous about approaching the PE teacher today, not because we don’t get along, but because I knew this was going to throw a wrench in her entire afternoon. It did, and she wasn’t happy about it, but because we had a relationship already in place it was easier to get through. Without that relationship, there’s a good chance I would not have been lucky enough to receive the cooperation I needed.

Relationships are important every minute of every day. There must be a mutual understanding that we do for each other because we care about each other and want for everyone to have the success they desire. There will be times when favors are called in, and favors given out. Do unto others with grace and kindness.


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